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11:00 20-03-2022
Spensa Wheeler

I'm am currently doing a university project on the South Dorset National Park. I'm wondering if you could tell me some more about the equipment you use to measure the items you display. Also, could you tell me if there have been any issues with the data i.e. anomalies? In looking at external design parameters and the worst-case scenarios in terms of temperature.

I have been looking at the all-time highs and lows. The Solar irradiance seems pretty high at 922.5 Kw/M2. Could you tell me if this is considered correct?

Thank you, the website is very helpful.

Replied on: 16:39 20-03-2022

Hi Spensa,
See my replies to Sophie’s previous post re equipment, and there is more information on the equipment I use in the ‘About’ section of my website.
The data is as accurate as it can be in a semi-suburban environment and rarely differs more than 0.5°C or a few mm rainfall compared with official data. There are no anomalies that I’m aware of. Bear in mind that my station was located in Salisbury until November 2015, and I have only been recording solar data for just over 12 months, using a Tempest Weather System. I cannot vouch 100% for its accuracy, but it matches my other Davis data pretty well..
Hope this helps,
Simon (WessexWeather)

21:24 10-03-2022
I'm doing an assignment on weather stations and was wondering if you could tell me what equipment you use to measure the following; humidity, rainfall, temperature, wind, pressure, and clouds and what the maintenance requirements are for these?
Many thanks,
Replied on: 09:11 12-03-2022

Hi Sophie,
My main equipment is a Davis Vantage Vue weather station mounted at 2m that has an integrated thermometer to measure temperature, hygrometer to measure humidity, tipping bucket rain gauge to measure rainfall and anemometer to measure wind speed. This gives accurate temperature and rainfall measurements but low wind speeds, so I employ a separate Davis anemometer mounted at 10m for accurate wind speed. I have several other weather stations that do the same, but the Davis stations are the most accurate and require very little maintenance apart from cleaning once or twice a year and changing the battery that allows the station to transmit the data to a base unit in the house. Pressure is recorded by a barometer in the base station. I do not record cloud height as this requires an expensive, professional ceilometer, which are usually employed by the Met Office.
Hope this helps, Simon

07:30 03-01-2021
Caroline Munby
Good morning!

I’m not sure if you can help, but I’m looking to chart the maximum and minimum temperatures for the whole year for a needlework project!

I don’t seem to be able to find historical information on the page. I can find data for 2nd January but not for the 1st.

Is there somewhere on the website this data is available? If not, would it be possible for you to let me know the maximum for 1/1/2021? I can find the minimum, as it was the lowest so far, but if historical data is not easily available, I’ll have to make sure I check each day!

Many thanks,

Replied on: 10:26 03-01-2021

Hi Caroline,
You can indeed find data for any day since July 2009 if you know where to look!
Your best bet is to click here and then select “Day Values”. This will display all the data you need for 2021 to date.
Hope this is what you’re looking for! Happy New Year, and looking forward to seeing the finished project!
Simon (WessexWeather)

07:20 13-11-2020
Hi Simon,
Many thanks for your reply of 26th with the links to he historical data.
The discrepancy was in my data!
Kind regards,
05:31 26-10-2020
Andrew Holmes
I Live near the River Allen and track river height vs. rainfall using you excellent website for rainfall data.
Today, for the first time I have a discrepancy between between the month-to-date figure (and the 7-day figure) and my totals (including today's figure). Is it possible to look back as previous daily totals?

Kind regards,
Replied on: 07:44 26-10-2020

Hi Andrew,
Do you notice a discrepancy in your own data, or the rainfall data on my website?
You can look back at previous days this month by producing a month report and clicking the rain icon: -
Or any single day you like : -
I hope this helps, and do reply back if you need any more advice.
Regards, Simon (WessexWeather)

07:12 23-12-2019
Hi, just wanted to say thank you. It’s a really nice site and very kind of you to keep it going for all us strangers. Most excellent.

Merry Christmas
Replied on: 08:11 23-12-2019

Hi Bill, very kind of you to say so, thank you.
Merry Christmas to you too.
Simon (WessexWeather)

15:03 08-08-2019
Instromet Weather Sy
Hi I would like to introduce Instromet Weather Systems Ltd UK manufacturers of quality weather stations and weather monitoring/activation equipment. Please go to www.instromet.co.uk for more details or call me on 01692 502800.
13:30 04-06-2019
Ali Cox
I’m the chair of a school PTA in Broadstone (postcode BH17 7HX).
We’re holding a big summer fair on June 29 and I’m hoping to you might be able to provide a long range forecast for this day. Obviously we’re hoping for dry weather, but if not, then I need to plan around this.
Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide
Replied on: 19:36 04-06-2019

Hi, the UK has a very variable climate and forecasts beyond 5 days ahead are notoriously inaccurate! Therefore it is still too early to say what the weather will be like almost 4 weeks ahead. However, I believe June will end up drier and warmer than average, although not the scorcher we had last year. I think the second half will be better than the first, so keep your fingers crossed!
Regards, Simon

14:53 29-05-2019
Keith Slater
Hi Simon
Are you able to add in horizontal grid lines on the 4 plots for temp, dew point, pressure and wind speed? In fact, sometimes the lines do actually appear and sometimes not? Strange.....
Good site by the way, I work away in Africa alot, so it's good to see what is happening weatherwise at home in Broadstone. Keith
Replied on: 19:17 29-05-2019

Hi Keith,
Thanks, glad you like the site! I can’t customise those graphs unfortunately, but I’ve just checked on a couple of devices and the horizontal lines are there!
Sorry I can’t be more helpful.
Regards, Simon

13:46 27-02-2019
Claire Vera
Hello, do you have a telephone contact number? We're doing a piece on the warm weather on BBC Radio Solent tomorrow... wondered if I could give you a ring this afternoon? I'm on 01305 262512 Claire
Replied on: 17:05 27-02-2019

Hi Claire,
Thanks for your message. My day job makes it difficult for me to respond during working hours, but if you contact me via @WessexWeather on Twitter I can often respond sooner. I'd be delighted to help out if you decide to run any weather stories in the future, and with Climate Change, I'm afraid records will be tumbling on an increasingly regular basis!
Kind regards,

21:12 26-02-2019
jonathan arnold
Good evening,

I keep being told that this current weather pattern is what we saw in 1975/76, what are the chances of a long , hot dry spell from here on in ?


Replied on: 08:28 27-02-2019

Morning Jonathan,
I've heard someone else say this but I think it's too early to tell. It's true that the summer of 1975 was also dry and the winter of '75/'76 dry and cold leaving a large soil moisture and groundwater deficit.
Reservoirs are nearly normal this year but groundwater, soil moisture and river levels lower than average, so a dry spring could spark a summer drought. However the current dry, warm pattern is about to change dramatically with a much cooler, wetter and windier spell of weather on the way that could change all that.
Regards, Simon

20:55 07-02-2019
Gerardine Cranny
Thank you for the offer but we have now found someone
17:58 30-01-2019
Gerardine Cranny
Do you know of anyone in Weymouth who could talk to children about weather?
Replied on: 19:44 30-01-2019

Hi Gerardine, I don't but I can put out a question on Twitter if you like? What age group?

13:48 13-01-2019
John Mackay
Hello, I have a Vantage Vue with 2 monitors. Since I had a new transmitter module fitted on the recording unit on the roof the 2nd monitor can’t pick up any transmitted info...any suggestions? I’m in Holt near Wimborne. Many thanks, John
Replied on: 17:52 13-01-2019

Hi John, have you checked that each station's transmitter ID is correctly registered on its appropriate console? https://www.davisinstruments.com/resource/change-transmitter-id-vantage-vue/

11:15 26-08-2018
Bob Hewitt
Hi Simon, I forgot to ask you what system are you are using to get your weather data to the internet. I have just calculated the exact cost of running my PC 24/7 and had quite a shock. I have an Envoy so I could buy a Meteobridge Nano but if the Envoy ever broke I would be stuck so maybe the Pro Red version would be a better bet. My ISS is wireless and wi-fi to the router is preferable here. Just wondered if you had any thoughts.
PS I tried sending an earlier message but it disappeared!
Replied on: 14:00 26-08-2018

Hi again Bob,
I received your messsge on the Meteobridge forum, together with your direct email address. I will reply when I have time, but I’m currently spending Bank Holiday weekend with family, and would prefer to avoid a protracted message conversation as we had with the SteelSeries gauges...

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